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        Jinan Tuhe Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.
        Tuhe lift
        We are the leading of home lift, scissor lift and boom lift manufacturer and supplier from china. As a professional lfit manufacturers, we have lift factory,custom all kind of home lift, scissor lift and boom lift for you.We recruit elevator distributors

        Outdoor elevator lift prices with 3 stories project

        Lift height
        Work height
        Load capacity
        Platform size
        1000*1000mm or customized
        Overall size
        1000*1000mm or customized
        Power supply
        220V 50Hz Single Phase or customized

        The outdoor lift elevator is a kind of elevator with simple structure and small space area. The price of the outdoor elevator is relatively economical and can be installed indoors or outdoors. If it is installed outdoors, a frame structure can be selected, which is not only beautiful, but also can effectively protect the safety of the family. The rise of our hydraulic elevator is generally about 12m, There is no noise when the elevator rises.


        Outdoor elevator lift price is acceptable for every home. It uses a hydraulic power source to press oil into the cylinder to make the plunger move in a straight line, and directly or indirectly move the car through a steel wire rope. Hydraulic elevator is an integrated product of machinery, electricity, electronics, and hydraulic pressure. It consists of the following relatively independent but interrelated systems. Pumping station system, hydraulic system, guiding system, car system, electrical control system, safety protection system

        a.home elevators are designed for different types of residential buildings, villas, residential, office buildings.

        b.home elevator highest safety standard, to ensure passenger safety.

        c.home elevator multiple customized for the transportation arrangement and structure for matching the design style of the house.


        Outdoor elevator lift price is one of the hydraulic elevator advantage, it also has other advantages:


        1. Hydraulic elevator saves building space

        The hydraulic elevator machine room is flexible, and the hydraulic transmission system relies on oil pipes to transmit power, without the need for the top-level machine room. The hydraulic elevator does not need to set up a machine room on the roof, so the vertical dimension of the hoistway is reduced, and the building space is effectively used.

        2. The hydraulic elevator has relatively low requirements for civil structures

        The hydraulic elevator only needs a load-bearing wall and does not require a machine room. Since the vertical load such as the weight and load of the hydraulic elevator car, all act on the foundation of the hoistway through the hydraulic cylinder, the requirements for the construction performance of the top of the hoistway are low. It is precise because of the great advantage of low civil engineering requirements that it has almost occupied most of the home elevator market in the past few years.

        3. The hydraulic elevator will not Over-speed and lose control and can realize self-rescue for trapped people

        Hydraulic elevators will not rush to the top or squat down. As long as the mechanical mechanism is properly designed and the installation is reliable, the safety factor of hydraulic elevators is relatively high, and there is a backup battery. When the elevator is out of power or malfunctions, press the emergency at the bottom. Press the button, the hydraulic oil after the drain valve circuit is connected to the oil tank slowly, the elevator will slowly drop by its own weight to realize self-rescue.


        1.We can make cabins for home elevator as per our standard or customers' design;

        2.Cabin Panels Material: painted panels, hairness stainless steel , mirror stainless steel or etching stainless steel;

        3.Ceiling, handrail, and floor can be opitional.



        PVC material customized design elevator flooring options


        Thickness: 2.0 mm,3.0 mm,6.0 mm,8.0 mm

        Wear layer thickness: 0.5 mm

        UV Transparent Wear Layer


        Our button panel is novel and distinctive.It is rich in contemporary sense,It accords with ergonomics principle with free and handy operation,Various styles and patterns of interface designs can satisfy different requirements.

        easy-use-outdoor-elevator-lift .jpg

        If you want to ask anything just fill in the form below and send us. We will contact you within 12 hours.

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